Memorial Riders MC


Memorial Riders MC are a completely separate, stand-alone motorcycle club from the VVMC.

They ride with the VVMC in support of the VVMC members.

A Memorial Rider is not a Vietnam Veteran or Veteran from other actions
(he may have served in the Australian Defence Force, have a military background from elsewhere, or not).
The Memorial Riders will ride in memory of ALL Vietnam Veterans and Veterans from other wars and conflicts.

Their mission is to ensure that the men and women who returned home from Vietnam;
who were shunned by their country and those who did not return home; will never be forgotten.

The Memorial Riders will take the Vietnam Veterans name into the future, they ride in their honour.
These men ride in memory of those that have served and given of themselves for this great country.

What have you done for Australia or for those that served?

Memorial Riders also honour all past and present serving members of the ADF.
So that Australians never forget those that gave of themselves so we can live and enjoy the freedom we have today.


Link to the Memorial Riders MC Australia - website