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A Helping Hand - Patriotic Fund

The Fund will be targeted towards the partners and dependants (children) of our “Lost” defence force members (veterans).

The fund is fully supported by the VV&VMC Gippsland Chapter

Whether the veteran was lost during duty or back home (due to suicide, other means of death, or psychological disorders); the is there to provide support to their partners and/or dependants.


The VVMC Gippsland Chapter has over the past 15 years has provided thousands of dollars in charitable donations and support to a wide number of deserving organisations and persons. But now would like to focus this support towards “Lost” Veterans partners and dependants.

The Fund will raise and distribute money or goods for charitable purposes, Health Related programs, Social and community welfare activities and the relief, assistance or support of veterans and/or their partners and dependants.

Funds are to be raised from Appeals, donations, bequests, raffles, special events, sponsorships, dinners, bequests, corporate sponsorships and other sundry income.


To provide Australian veterans with music lessons, guitars, a forum and an environment to learn how to play the basics of guitar.

G4VA co-ordinates veterans and delivers a structured professional guitar training program of 10 lessons and a free guitar. Working in collaboration with other veteran support organisations to identify candidates and guide them towards a teacher and their new guitar.

Guitars For Vets Australia is a not-for-profit organisation with a simple objective to assist veterans discover the joy of music in the form of the simple guitar - strings and wood. We believe " Where words fail, Music speaks "




State Chapters and Leaders

Victoria / Tas / SA / NSW
Dave Cox

Paul Malone

Play Your Part for our Vets:
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This is a USA information and support site

but the info relates to all Veterans and the public



Mesothelioma can be confusing. You probably have tons of questions that need answers...

-Mesothelioma Treatment Community

Let's Start From The Beginning


The Mesothelioma Center:

This is a USA information and support site

but the info relates to all Veterans and the public


  Veterans are a special group. Unfortunately, these men and women are at higher risk today than the general population for developing an asbestos-related illness like mesothelioma cancer. This is a result of the military's past reliance on asbestos, the primary cause of the disease, and the civilian jobs these veterans performed when they left the service. 

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)


  This is the DVA information, contact and support site 

Department of Human Services (DHS)


  This is a DHS information, contact and support site 

Theater of War


  The Theater of War: Soldiers & Citizens Tour presents dramatic readings of Sophocles' Ajax — an ancient Greek tragedy about the suicide of a great, respected warrior — to diverse military and civilian audiences across the United States and Europe in order to engage communities in powerful town hall discussions about the visible and invisible wounds of war. These ancient plays timelessly and universally depict the psychological and physical wounds inflicted upon warriors by war. By presenting these plays to military and civilian audiences, our hope is to de-stigmatize psychological injury, increase awareness of post-deployment psychological health issues, disseminate information regarding available resources, and foster greater family, community, and troop resilience. Using Sophocles’ plays to forge a common vocabulary for openly discussing the impact of war on individuals, families, and communities, these events will be aimed at generating compassion and understanding between diverse audiences, while mobilizing citizens and resources to help improve the lives of service members, veterans, and their families and communities. 

Theater of War - Soldiers & Citizens Tour


  STORY LINE: Theater of War collects and distributes stories of reintegration and healing from service members, veterans and tehir families, as well as concerned citizens, all over the world. Theater of War believes in the power of storytelling to bring communities together and facilitate healing and understanding. Through Storyline, Theater of War collects and distributes stories of reintegration and healing from service members, veterans and their families, as well as concerned citizens, all over the world. Storyline stories are shared across Theater of War’s mobile apps and social media channels. 


Medical malpractice is professional negligence by a healthcare provider in which the treatment provided falls below the proper standard of practice in the healthcare community. In these cases, this neglect causes injury or death to the patient. Doctors are the third leading cause of death in the United States behind heart disease and cancer, and currently it is estimated that in the US alone over 225,000 people die each year from medical negligence. Our team believes that every individual who has experienced this neglect should have access to the best information and support available.

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